453069475One of the most interesting aspects about real estate marketing is the continuous trial and error methods applied and tested. Campaigns for real estate marketing can share the same structure but will always differ. It would be like having two bridges, following the same design but have different paths, textures and bridge-users. This is the reason why there are many marketers who have tried other techniques and strategies to increase the traffic flowing into their landing pages or contents. Have you ever considered using alternative sources of traffic? Wikipedia for example is a good source of inbound traffic.

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Minding your business’s books can be very time consuming and not to mention confusing. It’s that exact reason why there are hundreds of accountants working on your taxes to help you focus on the more pressing matter, making more money for your business. But there will always come a time when you find yourself in a crossroad. One path will be free of CPAs and the other the path of continuous dependence on them. Here are a few pros and cons to help you decide.

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Failing is a natural thing. It happens to the worst and the best of us. There’s nothing wrong with that because we are all human and it’s really part of our nature to falter. What’s different between each and every individual is our ability to assess failure and to get back up after a nasty fall. The following is a list of pointers you need to absorb relating to Failure and how you can get back from it.

  1. You are not the only person who’s experienced failures. Every important figure in history suffered from loss and failure during the course of their lives. Historical figures like Julius Caesar all the way to guys like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates all encountered problems. Yet look at where they ended up. It simply means that you need get up and brush the dust off and continue and there’s something for you at the end.
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A business will falter terribly if it continually suffers from poor decision making by management. It’s similar to how a battle is more likely to lose if the commander or the general did not plan the attack well enough. We cannot change that as much as we want. We can, however, improve on the quality of the decisions that are being made by the leaders and the heads of the organization. That’s highly plausible and really likely to happen.

Here are the five biggest variables that contribute to a company head or leaders’ poor decision making:

  1. Biases
    We can never truly be rid of our biases but we can certainly make progress in blocking it out whenever we are making important decisions. When you think about it, all the biases one can have, whether it be on performance or aesthetics, suddenly appear whenever we are making judgment calls related to business or even in life. Never give in to the pull of biases.
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Any small business manager knows that there is a large influx of money that can come from hiring the best people for their business. They also know that when the opposite occurs, it tends to siphon the company’s funds into repeating the hiring process all over again. There’s a myriad of reasons as to why managers pick the wrong candidates but so far the items listed below are the most common reasons for picking the wrong individual for the job.

  1. Pressure

    One of the biggest problems that people encounter when trying to find the best candidates is the pressure of time. The HR professionals and recruiters tasked with hiring experience pressure from upper management to churn out the best candidates for the position at the shortest time possible. That’s where things go wrong because it’s that pressure that can force them select either the least deserving candidate or somebody that is not really fit for the role.

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Buying a domain can be loads of fun especially when you are a new business or entity. But that feeling of delight may soon turn to dread the moment you hit a snag on your domain buying. Not only is that going to be a problem that you have to carry throughout the day, it’s also counterproductive for your business.

So here are some of the pointers that you should remember when you are looking to buy a new domain or build a new website for your business or company:

  • Always go for a “.com” website – there are a lot of different choices that you can use for your business’ website but it would be advisable to stick with the known players, which in this case happens to be the .com”.
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Creating an online presence for your business is important nowadays. Consumers are now looking for solutions online and it could be you.  Have you reviewed your updates or tweets?  Fine-tune your social media posts with these 5 tips:

  1. Start small. If posting once a day is still a bit much, put up posts thrice a week. Set your timing.
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While having a lot of ideas is great, implementing them into a website in an unorganized way will make things confusing for your website visitors when they navigate through your site.  Increase your website’s effectiveness and improve your business website by getting rid of these 5 elements:


Confusing Animation

  • Animations tend to have a big file size and therefore take a while to load.
  • It’s best to test how much time your animation takes to load. If it takes too long, scrap it.

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Researchers have discovered that negative reviews make businesses seem credible and can increase exposure to positive reviews as well.




Besides the large companies and retailers, most website designs are bad-looking and ineffective.  There are a great deal of reasons as to why this is so, but listed below are the 5 most common reasons why ugly websites exist.


1. The Do-It-Yourself Mentality.

  • Just because some people have a basic understanding of codes and know basic color combinations, they think it’s easy to design a website.
  • The problem is that these designs lack a touch of professionalism and more often than not, would contain excessive elements.

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