Buying a domain can be loads of fun especially when you are a new business or entity. But that feeling of delight may soon turn to dread the moment you hit a snag on your domain buying. Not only is that going to be a problem that you have to carry throughout the day, it’s also counterproductive for your business.

So here are some of the pointers that you should remember when you are looking to buy a new domain or build a new website for your business or company:

  • Always go for a “.com” website – there are a lot of different choices that you can use for your business’ website but it would be advisable to stick with the known players, which in this case happens to be the .com”.
  • Shorten your domain name – an easy to remember domain is most important. If you buy a lenghty domain name, it will not only turn off your potential visitors, but will also leave them confused. This is the reason why you need to keep your domain’s name as short as possible.
  • Don’t Brand Then Buy – Don’t assume that your “unique” domain name isn’t owned by another company or business yet. Many businesses have made the mistake of building their marketing strategy around a name and a non-existent website, only to later find out that the domain is already owned by another business entity.
  • Do Some Market Research – this is a direct solution to the previous item. Doing research online can provide you with valuable information including names that are still available. If done properly you can even find out what keyword to use to quickly connect to your target audience or intended customers who are online.
  • Avoid Being Trendy – don’t base your domain name on something that’s currently trending because by the time your website is good and done, that trend will probably be a thing of the past. Study up on keywords and find out what keywords will best suit your service or product. Don’t bank on a name like because for all we know the term itself will no longer be used a year or five years from now.

Hopefully these little reminders have been helpful in refreshing or jotting down your memory if you are already an experience marketer.

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