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Should You Be Filing your own Tax or Hire a CPA?

Minding your business’s books can be very time consuming and not to mention confusing. It’s that exact reason why there are hundreds of accountants working on your taxes to help you focus on the more pressing matter, making more money for your business. But there will always come a time when you find yourself in a crossroad. One path will be free of CPAs and the other the path of continuous dependence on them. Here are a few pros and cons to help you decide.

These 5 Amazing Pointers Will Help Get Over Failure. This’ll Help Your Small Business Too!

Failing is a natural thing. It happens to the worst and the best of us. There’s nothing wrong with that because we are all human and it’s really part of our nature to falter. What’s different between each and every individual is our ability to assess failure and to get back up after a nasty fall. The following is a list of pointers you need to absorb relating to Failure and how you can get back from it. You are not the only person who’s experienced failures. Every important figure in history suffered from loss and failure during the course […]

5 Variables that Cause Poor Decision Making

A business will falter terribly if it continually suffers from poor decision making by management. It’s similar to how a battle is more likely to lose if the commander or the general did not plan the attack well enough. We cannot change that as much as we want. We can, however, improve on the quality of the decisions that are being made by the leaders and the heads of the organization. That’s highly plausible and really likely to happen. Here are the five biggest variables that contribute to a company head or leaders’ poor decision making: Biases We can never […]

Negativity Can Be Good For Your Business

Researchers have discovered that negative reviews make businesses seem credible and can increase exposure to positive reviews as well.      

A Year After Google Panda

Google Panda, first released in February 2011, is an update “aimed to lower the rank of ‘low-quality sites’, and return higher-quality sites near the top of the search results.” This has influenced the way web developers and publishers think of website building because Panda sifts through and penalizes sites with mediocre content. Since its first rollout, the filter has affected 12% of the internet’s content farm that are poorly written or irrelevant. Now on its second year, Panda has gone through major changes and upgrades to ensure quality search engine results to the Google market. Related Searches A bigger coverage […]

Target Customers with the Perfect Website Color Scheme

Although there are many factors that contribute to how and what people buy online, Color remains one of the strongest and most persuasive visual cues. Web and graphic designers depend on a set color scheme for each of their designs. Color is laid out not only to set out an overall mood for your site, but also to influence your site visitors to do certain actions like view, read, click or purchase. Here are some quick tips before deciding what color scheme to go with for your business website or online store: 1. Know your target market. Identify your target […]

Shoestring Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Internet marketing allows businesses of all sizes, no matter how small, to be able to promote themselves online. And it’s a good thing ┬áthat today’s ads are not just limited to huge billboards, TV commercials and other expensive campaigns.┬áHere are some quick tips so that you can get your startup or small business website effectively promoted: 1. Got a website? Then know the language. You may have heard all the acronyms: SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, and the list just goes on and on. But what do they really mean? Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as a whole, is the process of […]

Promote Your Business Website on Google+

While most businesses now have online stores or business websites, there are many who still haven’t embraced social media to the fullest. If you already have a Facebook fan page for your small business, why not add your Google+ page next. Like Facebook, Google+ allows you to post and share photos, videos, messages, and other information of value to your customers and circle of virtual friends. Create a Page To setup your own Google+ page, you must have a Google Account so register one if you don’t. Once logged in you can now create your Google+ page. Showcase Yourself Sign […]

2012 Internet Marketing Resolutions for Small Businesses

In the recently concluded PubCon Las Vegas 2011, the premier social media expo, Google engineer Matt Cutts recognized 3 areas online marketers like you should focus on this 2012. Cutts called it SoLoMo: Social, Local and Mobile. This umbrella term encompass a number of effective internet marketing trends that may propel your business this year and beyond.   1. Facebook shouldn’t be ignored, period. Separate your company fan page your personal profile. A fan page allows for better customization and a professional-looking page could also be one your company’s selling points. So build a great-looking landing page and get people […]

Small business marketing tip: Get people to talk about You!

In a social world where just about anything has become shareable, people love to talk about great deals and services both online and offline —from excellent restaurants to the hottest product or the latest online exclusive. In an October 2011 study by Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA), survey shows that the typical American drops specific brand names about 60 times in a conversation, may it be online or offline. This is one of the principles behind word of mouth marketing-a common strategy of start-ups, local entrepreneurs, and small businesses. The Association defines word of mouth marketing as any business […]

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