A business will falter terribly if it continually suffers from poor decision making by management. It’s similar to how a battle is more likely to lose if the commander or the general did not plan the attack well enough. We cannot change that as much as we want. We can, however, improve on the quality of the decisions that are being made by the leaders and the heads of the organization. That’s highly plausible and really likely to happen.

Here are the five biggest variables that contribute to a company head or leaders’ poor decision making:

  1. Biases
    We can never truly be rid of our biases but we can certainly make progress in blocking it out whenever we are making important decisions. When you think about it, all the biases one can have, whether it be on performance or aesthetics, suddenly appear whenever we are making judgment calls related to business or even in life. Never give in to the pull of biases.
  2. Attention
    It’s always been a proven tenet to forego everything whenever you are making important decisions; decisions that may shape the future of the company and the people working for it. As a business owner or someone in management, it’s definitely a given that you will have to deal with matters that will swamp you left and right, but you need to learn when to pull back and devote your full attention on big decisions. Doing so will avoid possibilities in making a fatal error in your decision.
  3. Choices
    In business, you will always be encountering the act of making wise decisions and having to deal with choices. When you are faced with difficult choices, take careful analysis and gather important feedback before making any final decisions. Some deep consideration is required especially if you plan on taking the business to the next level.

Remember these variables whenever you are faced with big decisions because they play an integral role for people who want to go big in the foreseeable future.

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