Besides the large companies and retailers, most website designs are bad-looking and ineffective.  There are a great deal of reasons as to why this is so, but listed below are the 5 most common reasons why ugly websites exist.


1. The Do-It-Yourself Mentality.

  • Just because some people have a basic understanding of codes and know basic color combinations, they think it’s easy to design a website.
  • The problem is that these designs lack a touch of professionalism and more often than not, would contain excessive elements.

2. Penny Pinching.

  • It takes time and money to come up with impressive web design.  However, most companies and individuals think it’s absurd to invest on their website’s design.  They end up hiring a cheap freelancer who only has a basic background or doing it themselves.

3. Self-proclaimed Web Designers.

  • Many get into web designing as a hobby and have the knowledge to create a basic website.  However, they lack the artistic skills needed to be able to design one masterfully.

4. The I-Must-Have-It-Now Mentality.

  • Certain web designers go crazy over new technologies and want their designs to be updated immediately.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but some technologies are experimental and would tend to have a lot of bugs in the beginning.
  • It’s best to test them first before fully implementing them in your designs.

5. So 2000 and Late.

  • Sure, your website’s design looks awesome… back in 2000.  Web design is like art pieces in the office.  If it’s been there long enough, people get bored.
  • Not updating your site every few years can reflect an inactive or outdated business. Keep people on their toes by keeping things fresh and creative with frequent design additions and updates.

To keep your website’s design from being ineffective, work with a professional and qualified web designer.  Find one and hire one who will work with you regularly to keep it fresh and up to date.

Posted on January 9, 2013 by Sandra

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