453069475One of the most interesting aspects about real estate marketing is the continuous trial and error methods applied and tested. Campaigns for real estate marketing can share the same structure but will always differ. It would be like having two bridges, following the same design but have different paths, textures and bridge-users. This is the reason why there are many marketers who have tried other techniques and strategies to increase the traffic flowing into their landing pages or contents. Have you ever considered using alternative sources of traffic? Wikipedia for example is a good source of inbound traffic.

Posting your content on Wikipedia has been a known secret in marketing for years. There are of course a few ground rules that need to be followed before you actually starting sticking your links on random Wikipedia pages. Firstly, know that links are not up there forever. Some links even stay as long as a minute or two before it gets booted out. Know that there is a big chance of getting your Wikipedia account and IP address flagged if you are not careful about what you share. This would mean that you have to really put your best foot forward in terms of content, to make it something worthy of other people’s time and effort.

Posted on May 22, 2014 by Earl

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