Any small business manager knows that there is a large influx of money that can come from hiring the best people for their business. They also know that when the opposite occurs, it tends to siphon the company’s funds into repeating the hiring process all over again. There’s a myriad of reasons as to why managers pick the wrong candidates but so far the items listed below are the most common reasons for picking the wrong individual for the job.

  1. Pressure

    One of the biggest problems that people encounter when trying to find the best candidates is the pressure of time. The HR professionals and recruiters tasked with hiring experience pressure from upper management to churn out the best candidates for the position at the shortest time possible. That’s where things go wrong because it’s that pressure that can force them select either the least deserving candidate or somebody that is not really fit for the role.

  2. Legal Boundaries

    Another big mistake that interviewers often make during the selection process is breaching a candidate’s legal boundaries. There are some questions which can be deemed too demeaning or insulting. In some cases, interviewers can even go as far as asking inappropriate questions during the interview with the candidate. That alone can be grounds for some serious labor law cases filed against the company. It’s not only annoying it’s also expensive.

  3. Listening Never Understanding

    The biggest mistake that an interviewer commits is simply taking in every word. Communication does not rely solely on listening as there are other things that should be taken note of including body language and eye contact. If the interviewer makes a decision based on the candidate’s statements alone, serious errors in judgement calls can be made, especially if a thorough background check is not performed.

Overall, take the time to hire needed candidates wisely. Taking the right steps and making the right choices from the beginning will help avoid any future complications and wasted time, allowing your business to focus on doing what it does best.

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