6 Web Elements to Avoid for Real Estate WebsitesHaving a professional-looking agent website is important because they are the first impression a potential client will have of you.  It will also help them decide if you are the right agent they should do business with.  Here are 6 web elements you don’t want on your real estate site.



  1. Unprofessional portraits.
    • Having a professional profile photo on your website is expected.  After all, you represent your business’s image, so have your photo taken by a professional photographer.

  2. Cluttered home page.
    • It’s hard to resist the urge to put everything on your homepage because you don’t want your visitors to miss out on something really important.
    • Think of it this way, your home page is the primary selling point of your site.
    • Choose one feature for your home page and make that the focal point. But make sure that people will have access to search for properties right on your homepage and that your contact info is prominently displayed.
    • Leave it to the website’s navigation help your visitors find their way around.
  3. Social overkill.
    • Social media has made sharing updates easy but don’t overdo it.  Avoid connecting your website to every social media profile available.
    • Pick the ones that are most useful and popular and concentrate on them.
  4. No SEO.
    • Make sure your web page title isn’t labeled with a generic term like “Home”.
    • Add relevant real estate keywords to each page of your website.
  5. Wordart and Clipart images.
    • We’re not living in 1997.  People won’t be impressed by outdated Wordart and clipart images.
    • Today’s web designers should be up to date with the current trends and technology and should come up with more professional solutions.
  6. Ineffective website address.
    • Come up with a domain name that is short and specific so it will be easy to remember.
    • Focus on your niche market and select a keyword-based domain name, e.g. “DowntownSanDiegoLofts.com”
    • Make it a point to rename your URL’s properly. So that instead of “realestatewebsite.com/?pageid=322” you can rename it to “realestatewebsite.com/properties”

Are you guilty of having any of these bad elements on your real estate website? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

Posted on August 17, 2012 by Sandra

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