Given the fact that people have already been on the internet for a long time and have looked at thousands of websites, they can easily tell if one is good or not. Not mentioning the fact that when it comes to choices available online, the consumer’s options are literally endless.

Your small business website is one way of tapping into your customers’ psyche and it is important to understand how good business web design affects consumer behavior.

It only takes seconds for the mind to form an opinion if your website is worth people’s browsing time so learn how to make the most of it by keeping the following essential items in check:

  • Make it easy for readers. Not everyone has a fast internet connection so don’t fill every corner of your website with text and graphics. Nowadays, people browse using smart phones and tablets that don’t always support graphics-intensive websites. Balance empty space with well-chosen content and make sure that your site can be viewed properly on mobile devices.

  • Harmonize those colors. You might have already heard that some colors are naturally appealing to the human eye. This is because we easily associate certain colors with the world around us-so neutrals and colors that commonly appear in nature are always safe bets. Work out a defined color palette with your designer that will be consistent with your branding. Choose your accent colors carefully so that it will complement your intended color scheme instead of becoming a distraction. You can also opt for the classic black text on a white background. This was how we learned to read, so anything designed this way is easy to look at. Using dark text against¬† a light background is also more search-engine friendly.
  • Make your homepage engaging. It’s the first thing people will see, so utilize it to showcase who you are. At a glance, people should already have an idea about your company’s services and expertise. Unless you have many varieties of products and services, small business websites don’t need a lot of pages, so give special attention to your homepage.¬† Your website’s goal is to reinforce brand recognition and build brand loyalty, so structure your content well.
  • Go easy on the text. When presented with a huge bulk of text, people will tend to skip it and scan to the next area of your page. This is why compelling headlines and carefully-chosen chunks of texts are important. When you have interesting headlines and titles that catch people’s attention, it’s likely your online readers will stay longer on your site. Update your content frequently, since outdated information turns web visitors away.
  • Think of your customer’s security. The desire to feel secure is indeed a psychological need. Assure your web visitors that making transactions within your website is safe. Be clear about payment processes and use trusted accounts like PayPal or ClickBank. When your customers feel safe, they’ll definitely want to do business. Make sure you also include links to your terms of service, disclaimer or private policy pages.
  • Make calls to action easy. To get feedback, make your call to action forms and buttons visible. Explain the benefits of downloading something or have exclusive promos available when your potential clients respond to subscription or mailing list prompts.
  • Web design or web development? Although both fields are related, they are two distinct specializations. Web designers focus on the front-end of your website, making sure that navigation is easy and content and design elements are carefully laid out by using certain principles of design. They study the aspects of website usability that will maximize a customers’ online experience. Consult your web designer on how you can effectively present your brand and showcase your services or products on your website.

Web developers work from the back end. They’re more concerned with the functional structure of a website — things like coding, website functionality, stability and maintenance. They make sure that the customer can get things done on the website, so you’ll need to work with expert web developers for your e-commerce features for payment or when adding custom forms or features on your site.

If you need help in designing or improving the efficiency of your Ecommerce or small business website, you may contact our web experts  for a free consultation at 1.800.850.7707 or visit us at The Design People.

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