Blogging has evolved from just an individual’s online commentary to a corporate must-have tool that almost every business giant is taking advantage of. Small businesses are not excluded from the benefits of blogging and studies have shown that more and more entrepreneurs have joined the bandwagon and realized the importance of creating a blog.

Whether your small business is just starting out or has already carved a name for itself, one thing is for sure: having a blog on your small business website offers many benefits to your product or service and generates consumer interest resulting in added brand awareness. Here are some of the reasons why your small business should have its own blog:

  • Establish Your Authority – Demonstrate your understanding of your product or service by offering insight on the latest market trends. Consumers like to know that you have a firm grasp of what is out there and how your product compares to the competition. Use this as an opportunity to showcase your strengths as a company and gain credibility and integrity through relevant, intelligent and even humorous blog posts.

  • Threads Promote Businesses – Blog engines have a comments feature and that means anybody can comment on your post. What they have to say will create a chain reaction that encourages other people to comment, resulting in a discussion where your business is the center of attraction. In time, word of mouth will spread and visibility for your company will soon be stronger than you imagined.
  • Personify Your Brand – While most businesses evoke staid corporate images, blogging allows you to break away from that mold and show consumers your heart and soul. Use blogs to show your company’s culture, the lighter side of your employees and yourself, what your interests are and so on. By doing this, you are humanizing your brand and therefore making it easier for consumers to relate to.
  • Blogging is a SEO Opportunity – By writing a blog, you are in control of keywords relevant to your business that rank high in search engines. Instead of relying on the so-called “long tail” of search which refers to low-traffic search terms that represent a significant amount of total searches, target niche keywords that are likely to attract serious prospects who enter a combination of relevant phrases.
  • Regular Updates Mean Better Exposure – Search engines like Google regularly crawl website content in search of new material and blogging is a surefire way to make sure there is always fresh content on your small business website. Generally, websites that get crawled command more online authority and better exposure.
  • Get Your Products Seen Through Blogs – Most consumers avoid clicking the products and services link in corporate websites because they anticipate a barrage of sales pitches and more ads. Blogging offers a more personal, less hard sell approach, giving consumers a more experiential look at your products or services.

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Posted on January 14, 2011 by Eve

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